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  • Our objectives

    The Forum is committed to make a change on the mentality and the condition of Muslim woman. Our public awareness campaigns are mainly directed towards:
    • The admiration of the Muslim Woman potentials, and her role in the family and society.
    • The contribution of the Muslim woman in the social, economical and political fields of society.

    The Forum puts a great effort to change the negative common impressions which imprison the Muslim woman within a pejorative framework.
    Our media campaigns deal with:
    • The Muslim woman in Europe: The citizenship and contribution.
    • The Muslim Woman in Europe: European society’s perceptions and realities.


    An indivisible identity

    A common commitment…

    The struggle for women’s rights had started in the beginning of last centaury and was considered as a priority in the last few decades. As a result, Muslim women from different cultural backgrounds, speaking different languages, sharing different ideas, had united in the same organization (EU) regardless of all these differences.

    The rights and the responsibilities of Muslim Woman in Europe is been a considerable issue in most of European countries; each EU member (state) has dealt with this issue in a different way. The European Forum of Muslim Women summarizes the spirit of all women who wish to create a peaceful and tolerant common future through dialogue and fruitful exchange of ideas.

    1. To represent Muslim women in the European and international authorities and to defend their interests.
    2. To support the dialogue between citizens of various beliefs, backgrounds or political tendencies of the society for common goods.
    3. To co-operate with European and international women associations of different denomination.
    4. To stand against discriminations based on religion, colour, race or any other kind of discrimination especially those against Muslim women in particular.
    5. To aware the general public of the importance of family values and to reinforce its role in the stability of the societies.
    6. To contribute in the promotion of European identity, by developing educational and cultural events for the Youth in European countries.
    7. To work for the equality between men and women in the strategic domain of the employment and the social fields.

    • Initiation and participation in the social and political debates.
    • Organizing conferences, seminars and congresses.
    • Issuing publications and feeding the media with important information in regard of Muslim woman in Europe.


    Representing many European member states, Muslim Woman Forum association members are seeking to express their views and aims to the European authorities and they are:
    • The loyalty to the common European values.
    • The equality of opportunities.
    • The Equality between men and women
    • The commitment of Youth as European citizens.
    • The rights of religious minorities.

    • A genuine European platform of dialogue and action.
    • Youth that is eager to take an active part in the construction of Europe based on the values of justice and peace.
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European Forum of Muslim Women EFOMW
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